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When and how to use ChEVAR: A standardised approach!

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Join: Zoran Rancic,Konstantinos Donas and Michel Reijnen   Objective:  This web-based course is designed for physicians with moderate to advanced experience in the endovascular treatment of juxtarenal abdominal aortic aneurysm with the Chimney technique (ChEVAR). It aims to provide a practical and structured approach to patient-selection, procedural steps and material needs to perform a standardised […]

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Treatment of Acute Thrombosis of Deep Venous System

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We are pleased to announce a new course in the Venous Pathway! Treatment of Acute Thrombosis of Deep Venous System Join: Adam Zieliński & Efthymios Avgerinos   Objective An endovenous treatment of deep veins thrombosis gains more interest due to the good outcome of it as a prevention of post-thrombotic syndrome, especially in young patients. Thus, […]

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