ESVS Peripheral Cadaveric Workshop

ICLO Teaching and Research Center San Francesco di Sales Via Evangelista Torricelli, 15A, Verona, Italy

The ESVS Academy is excited to collaborate with The Thin Line Academy to bring you our first course on cadavers! You will be taught by: Luca Garriboli, M.D., Chief of Vascolar and Endovascular Unit, IRCCS SacroCuore Don Calabria-Negrar di Valpolicella, Verona, Italy Prof. Michele Antonello Director Residency Program in Vascular Surgery Università degli Studi di Padova, Italy Dr. Giambattista Parlani, M.D. Vascular and Endovascular Surgery Santa Maria Misericordia Hospital Perugia, Italy Objective: Today, a wide range of strategies, techniques and technologies are available for avoiding limb amputation. This course aims to allow you to acquire a deep knowledge of the wide range of available tools and to increase your skills in treating patients with peripheral arterial diseases (PAD). For this purpose, traditional educational methods will be combined with hands-on training using human corpses. Endovascular and surgical instrumentation as well as modern facilities for fluoroscopy and ultrasound allow for a perfect simulation of our daily operative environment. Expert faculty will provide direct, one-to-one tutoring and support to the participants in a context of best practice. The practical work on the cadaver model gives our participants enough time for repeated practising. Full programme Target audience: The course is open to Vascular and Endovascular Surgeons from […]

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