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About the EVST

The European Vascular Surgeons in Training (EVST) represents the interests of trainees in vascular surgery within the European Society for Vascular Surgery, especially with regards to training, education, careers, research and exchange programmes.

EVST aims and objectives

The EVST’s most important goal is to provide an equal level of knowledge and skills for trainees in vascular surgery all over Europe. The EVST works within the ESVS society on all issues related to vascular surgeons in training. Surveys on training, continuing medical education, newsletters, funding for vascular meetings and organizing of young vascular surgeons’ sessions within major vascular congresses are among the major targets of EVST.

Country representatives

The governing body of EVST is the Council. Councillors are elected representatives from each European country that has more than 10 members. Council meets regularly throughout the year to discuss EVST matters. An EVST Councillor’s mandate last for three years, starting and ending in September.

EVST Executive Committee


Below you can find a list of European institutions interested in giving EVST members the possibility to spend a period of time abroad for internships or fellowships. Please click on the map for details on how to register your interest.  Please note that centres may not have open positions available at all times.  Interested individuals are invited to contact the centre well in advance to discuss the possibility for an internship or fellowship.  Also, please note that most centres require an application with CV.

There are no costs for the hosting centres, all costs are covered by the trainee.  To find out if any ESVS Educational Travel Grants are available, check here

Any vascular centre interested in hosting foreign trainees can contact


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