Ultrasound has been widely implemented as an important tool in the diagnostic armamentarium of vascular clinics across Europe. The ESVS Academy has been organising basic and advanced hands-on workshops. Therefore, the ESVS Academy has proposed a certification system to warrant those individuals who meet the minimum requirements to perform basic vascular ultrasound based on the curriculum of the ESVS-workshops in Barcelona and Copenhagen.

​The aim of the Certificate of Competences in Vascular Ultrasound (CCVUS) is to certify the holder with the knowledge and practical skills to perform high-quality ultrasound examinations of arteries and veins.


To apply for the CCVUS you must fulfill the following criteria:

  • $Be in possession of an active certification or license in a health-related field (physician, nurse or technician).
  • $Present a statement signed by the Director of the Vascular Lab or Head of Department of Vascular Surgery or Radiology stating that you have performed more than 100 supervised exams equally distributed among carotid arteries, venous and arterial lower extremity and aorta
  • $Having performed the minimum number of examinations does not guarantee passing the exam
The certification consist of two parts:
  • $First, a written exam that will consist of 50 multiple-choice questions with one correct answer per five provided responses (60 minutes). Minimum pass mark 70%
  • $Second, during a practical exam, candidates will have to demonstrate their practical skills when performing two to three vascular ultrasound examinations that will be evaluated by examiners according to a standardized evaluation form (app 10-15 minutes).

The CCVUS examinations are held during each ESVS Annual Meeting. The next round will be organised during our 38th Annual Meeting, to be held in Krakow from 24th to 27th September 2024. Registrations will open in April 2024.

Curriculum:  A detailed curriculum of the examination can be found here.


We are pleased to announce that the following individuals met the requirements of ESVS certification programme in basic vascular ultrasound and successfully passed the examination this year in Belfast on September 28th 2023. For a complete list of all years, please consult the candidate registry here.

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