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How to publish a systematic review/meta analysis

Virtual Event Virtual Event

The Academy proudly presents: How to publish a systematic review/meta analysis Did you miss it last year? They're back! You will be in the capable hands of: David Lewis; Phil Stather and Graeme Ambler Objective: Attendees will be walked through the steps necessary to perform and publish a systematic review. Systematic reviews of the published literature are a well recognised and respected way of contributing to our understanding of vascular disease. The course is designed to give the participants wider and clearer knowledge of how to plan, conduct, write up and publish a systematic review. As well as advancing knowledge, performing and publishing a systematic review is an excellent way to enhance your curriculum vitae and career opportunities. The course is run by vascular surgeons who have enormous experience in conducting and supervising systematic reviews. By attending this course, participants will know how to plan, perform, write up and publish a systematic review. Target audience: Vascular surgeons, vascular trainees and vascular nurses who want to advance their careers and curriculum vitae, as well as contributing to the scientific literature, by performing and publishing one or more high quality systematic reviews. Participant qualifications:  Registration and Cancellation policy: € 25 for ESVS members and € […]


KOL Forum 4: PAD

Virtual Event Virtual Event

We are very proud to announce a second PAD KOL Forum in the series! Key Opinion Leader Forum 4: PAD - takes place on May 2nd 2024 You will be able to pose your questions to our panel: KOLs Maria Antonella Ruffino (Switzerland) and Ozan Yazar (Netherlands) and your host Kak Khee Yeung, the Academy PAD Pathway Lead. Not yet a member? → JOIN THE ESVS COMMUNITY TODAY Objective: Do you have a challenging case? Are you unsure how to treat PAD issues? Do you want a different perspective? Are you a member? Then you are welcome join our new KOL Forum to hear how a KOL would treat your case! This is a new educational initiative for those with moderate to advanced vascular surgery knowledge. It allows participants to ask and get a response to burning questions on moderate to difficult cases by either submitting them for possible selection in the Forum, or via the KOL Forum case library. You can also just join and learn! The sessions are designed to: Provide more advanced training to experienced surgeons Provide a rare opportunity to interact with THE experts in a field Receive advice on personal cases Be informal spaces […]

EVST PAD Online Competition – May 2024


Based on the huge success of the EVST Aortic Competition (online), EVST invites you to another edition of the competition - the EVST PAD Competition (online) on 6th May 2024, with a CLTI case and TASC C/D aortoiliac lesion! Participation in this PAD competition is limited to EVST members, but all who wish to watch are invited to join. To register for the audience, please email Faculty: Prof. Dr. Kak Khee Yeung (Amsterdam UMC), Prof. Dr. Bernhard Dorweiler (University Hospital Cologne), Dr. Peter Goverde (ZNA Vascular Clinic in Antwerp) Moderators: Dr. Petar Zlatanovic, Dr. Donna Wouters, Dr. Moritz Wegner and Dr. Harm Ebben This competition is designed to enhance and promote knowledge in managing patients with chronic limb-threatening ischaemia and TASC C/D aortoiliac lesions, starting from preoperative planning until postoperative patient management (whole spectrum of care). Applicants should have experience in the management of CLTI patients with complex aortoiliac lesions before applying for this competition. How will it work? Once participants have submitted their motivation letter, they will be invited to complete a quiz. Candidates will be shortlisted based on their motivation letter and quiz score. The six best candidates will be selected and will receive a preselected case with diagnostic CTA […]

Hands-on Workshop in Vascular Ultrasound, Barcelona 2024

Hospital Universitari de Bellvitge BARCELONA , Spain

They're back! The ESVS Academy and the team in Barcelona invites you once again to Bellvitge University Hospital for the upcoming Hands-on Workshop in Vascular Ultrasound. 8-10th May 2024 COURSE CONFIRMED - Please go ahead and book your travel and accommodation! Join our expert faculty: Elena Iborra MD. PhD. Head Vascular Surgery Dept. Hospital Universitari Bellvitge Jonas P. Eiberg MD. PhD, Prof., Dept. Vasc Surg, Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Denmark F. Xavier Marti MD. PhD. Vascular Surgeon Hospital Universitari Bellvitge Kim Bredahl MD, PhD. Vascular Surgeon Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Denmark Malka Huici MD. Vascular Surgeon Hospital Universitari Bellvitge M. Ángeles Menéndez MD. Vascular Surgeon Hospital Central de Asturias (Oviedo) Ramon Vila MD. Past Head Vascular Surgery Dept. Hospital Universitari de Bellvitge Ana Arribas MD. Vascular Surgeon. Hospital Fundación Jiménez Díaz (Madrid) Carlos Martinez Rico MD, PhD. Vascular Surgeon. Hospital Universitari Bellvitge Begoña Gonzalo MD. Vascular Surgeon. Hospital Universitari de Bellvitge Gaspar Mestres MD. PhD. Vascular Surgeon. Hospital Clínic (Barcelona) Full Programme here Objective: The course provides a thorough grounding in the clinical skills to work in vascular ultrasound. During the course, participants are presented with an intensive series of short lectures focused on technical aspects of the different US examinations. Classroom teaching is supplemented […]

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