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ESVS Viva Voce practice for the FEBVS exam – February 2024

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Don't miss another instalment of the ESVS Viva Voce practice for the FEBVS exam! Join: David Lewis, Sanna Kouhia Objective The overarching objective of this course is to prepare candidates for some of the different parts of the FEBVS examination. This part of the course prepares candidates for the viva voce section of the examination. Small group viva voce exam practice, covering FEBVS curriculum topics on vascular disease. The viva voce practice will follow the format of Case Based Discussion with PowerPoint slides to focus questions and answers. The session is mapped to the FEBVS curriculum and covers a wide range of vascular conditions. Clinical presentation, pathology, investigation including imaging and treatment options will be covered during the session. Participants will be split into groups with one member of faculty for each group. Each participant will be asked to manage a clinical scenario for a minimum of 10 minutes under simulated (on line) exam conditions whilst the other members of the group observe the discussion. Timings need to be strictly adhered to and will accommodate the number of candidates in each session. The timing of the session will allow for some feedback from the convenors on your performance as well as […]

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6th ESVS Masterclass | Session 3

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After 5 successful editions, the ESVS Masterclass is back in 2024 and will cover mainly PAD and Aortic topic. NEW this year, workshops will be proposed to local physicians in 4 different institutions. MORE INFORMATION HERE  

ESVS and Copenhagen Certification Programme (ENHANCE) – Open Repair of Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms training course

Academy for Medical Education and Simulation Ryesgade 53B, 4. Sal, 2100 København, Copenhagen, Denmark

ENHANCE OPEN A collaboration:  Esvs and copeNHAgeN CErtification programme (ENHANCE) is arranged as a collaboration between the ESVS Academy, the Department of Vascular Surgery at the University Hospital of Copenhagen (Rigshospitalet) and the Copenhagen Academy of Medical Education and Simulation (CAMES), Denmark. Course confirmed! Please go ahead and book your travel and accommodation! Today, the ENHANCE program consists of two courses that can be taken independently. ENHANCE OPEN focuses on open repair of infrarenal aortic aneurysms, and ENHANCE-EVAR focuses on basic endovascular aortic repair (EVAR). Join: Jonas Eiberg, Professor of Vascular Surgery, Copenhagen, Kim Kargaard Bredahl, MD, PhD, Associate Professor, Copenhagen, Igor Koncar, Belgrade University Hospital, Serbia, Carl Wahlgren, Karolinska University Hospital , Sweden, Cecilie Markvard Møller, Skejby University Hospital, Denmark, Christian Lyng, Sykehuset Innland Hamar, Norway, Xavier Berard, Prof, Dept. of vascular Surgery, Bordeaux, France. Programme description: ENHANCE OPEN is a 3-day simulation-based training programme. Each course participant will perform 6-8 cases as a surgeon, and 6-8 as an assistant under the supervision of highly experienced open aortic surgeons. Participants will receive supervision, feedback and hear about tips & tricks. Feedback will be summative in test-cases and formative in supervision-cases. The trainee-tutor rate will be 2:1. During the course, participants will train on state-of-the-art life-like pulsatile aortic simulation models and aortic […]

KOL Forum 3: Venous

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We are very proud to announce another edition of the KOL Forum! Key Opinion Leader Forum 3: Venous - takes place on March 27th 2024 You will be able to pose your questions to our panel: KOLs Dr. Houman Jalaie (Germany) and Dr. Efthymios (Makis) Avgerinos (Greece) and your host Adam Zielinski (Poland), the Academy Venous Pathway Lead. Not yet a member? → JOIN THE ESVS COMMUNITY TODAY Objective: Do you have a challenging case? Are you unsure how to treat venous issues? Do you want a different perspective? Are you a member? Then you are welcome join our new KOL Forum to hear how a KOL would treat your case! This is a new educational initiative for those with moderate to advanced vascular surgery knowledge. It allows participants to ask and get a response to burning questions on moderate to difficult cases by either submitting them for possible selection in the Forum, or via the KOL Forum case library. You can also just join and learn! The sessions are designed to: Provide more advanced training to experienced surgeons Provide a rare opportunity to interact with THE experts in a field Receive advice on personal cases Be informal spaces […]

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