Vacancies – Associate and section Editors of the European Journal of Vascular and Endovascular Surgery

Associate and section Editors of the European Journal of Vascular and Endovascular Surgery

Information about the selection process for both of these positions:

The EJVES works with a professional career path in scientific publishing within the field vascular surgery: i.e. Reviewers, Editorial Board (EB) members, and finally Editors. We do invite scholars to review papers, and this peer review system is the key to success for any scientific journal. In November each year the Editorial Board (EB) is renewed, based on the performance of the reviewers the last 12 and 24 months. Every single review is scored between 1-100, depending on its quality. To qualify to be invited to become a member of the EB, she/he must have performed at least 10 reviews the last year, with a mean score >70. Furthermore, 2/3 of the invitations must have been accepted, and 80% the reports must have been submitted within the time limit (normally 3 weeks).

Thus, when selecting new editors the members of the EB are those we normally consider, and we send a special invitation to all EB members of the EJVES. It is possible, however, that persons may have worked with other journals, or have other academic experiences, that make them suitable to become an editor of this journal, and we will consider all applications, providing the applicant is an ESVS member.

The application should be submitted by email to by 10th July, 2022, the latest, and should include the following:

1) A letter of intention.

Why are you applying for this post, and do you have thoughts about how to develop the EJVES? (maximum 2 pages)

2) A short CV with your most important academic achievements. (maximum 2 pages)

3) A list of peer reviewed articles published in scientific journals with a journal impact factor.

Please highlight the 10 most important publications.

The top candidates will then be invited to an interview lead by the Editor-in-Chief 2023 (Martin Björck) and the Senior Editor 2023 (Jonathan Boyle). The Section and Associate editors, as well as and one representative of the European Vascular Surgery Journals Ltd (EVSJLtd), will also be invited to listen and question the candidates.

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