European Society for Vascular Surgery

ESVS 2023 Membership Offer

Membership Categories and Special Fees for 2023

Membership runs to the calendar year (January to December) regardless of the time of subscription.  2022 subscriptions are closed and all memberships bought from 2nd November 2022 are valid until the end of 2023.


  • $Full Members: vascular surgeons.
  • $Trainee Members: vascular surgeons in training.
  • $Senior/retired Members: vascular surgeons aged over 65 with at least five years of membership.

Membership category

Full member

Full member with discount

Senior/retired or trainee member

Add printed journal to any category





€42 supplement

Membership benefits include:

  • $Significant discount on 12-month print subscription to the EJVES
  • $(NEW!) Discount on 12-month online subscription to JVS Journal of Vascular Surgery and JVS : Venous and Lymphatic Disorders
  • $Over 400€-discount on article-processing charges in EJVES Vascular Forum
  • $Significant discount on ESVS Annual Meeting registration fees
  • $Significant discount on ESVS Translational Spring Meeting registration fees
  • $Discounts on all ESVS Academy educational events, including Academy Pathways training sessions
  • $Eligibility for grant applications* including (NEW!) Vascular Forum publishing grants

Exclusive to ESVS members for free :

  • $Online access to the EJVES
  • $Access to the ESVS e-library - scientific and educational resources : videos, podcasts, abstract book, online interactive textbook
  • $Access to the ESVS Masterclass

* further conditions apply

ESVS offers National Vascular Societies the opportunity to become ESVS members, whereby all members of the Society automatically become ESVS members.

In addition, your society will benefit from:

  • $Possibility of nominating your own ESVS Council representative, providing you have more than 10 full members
  • $Promoting your Society internationally by sharing your success stories in the new ESVS bi-monthly newsletter, read by 2,700 members

ESVS also offers a ‘group-only’ agreement, whereby only those of your members who want to be ESVS members will subscribe.


Individual ESVS membership through your National Society allows your members to enjoy ESVS membership at a discounted rate, and benefit from the membership benefits listed above.

In order to apply for Group or Society Membership, please send us the list of members who would like to join by using the Excel spreadsheet provided by the ESVS Secretariat. Please be sure to include the shipping address of those members who choose to pay for the printed journal. Upon receipt of this information, we will send you an invoice. Please note that you can send your member lists in several batches. Memberships will only be activated once the payment has been received by ESVS.

Contact Natalie Helene at

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