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Masterclass 2023

After 4 successful editions, the ESVS Masterclass is back in 2023 and will cover acute and emergent cases in the key topics of vascular surgery.


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The sessions of the 5th ESVS Mastercl@ss have been accredited by the EACCME for the following number of points:

1. Session 1: Aortic: 2 points

2. Session 2: Carotid: 2 points

3. Session 3: PAD & Lower Limb Ischaemia: 2 points

4. Session 4: Vascular Access : 2 points

Each participant can only receive the number of credits he/she is entitled to according to his/her actual participation at the event once he/she has completed the feedback form. The participants of the ESVS Mastercl@ss will receive an evaluation survey following the event that they will be required to complete to obtain their certificate of attendance. The number of points given will depend on the actual viewing time of the live-streamed sessions. Only full hours will be counted i.e 1 hour of viewing time = 1 CME point.

Our programme committee


11th January, 19:00 CET: Aortic (Acute & emergency surgery) 
Chairs: Ian Loftus, Hence Verhagen
Case Title Surgeon
Keynote Lecture Hence Verhagen
chEVAR Gaspar Mestres
IVUS is essential for the treatment of Complex Chronic Type B Aortic Dissections Vikram Puttaswamy
Rupture or acute infrarenal aortic aneurysm Dainis Krievins
Acute aortic syndrome Jorg de Bruin
Emergency complex aorta case Anders Wanhainen
Aortic Trauma Kakkhee Yeung
BEVAR for type B aortic dissection residual type A: a 3 steps approach with IVUS and fusion imaging support Giovanni Tinelli
18th January, 19:00 CET: Carotid (Acute & emergency surgery) 
Chairs: Sebastian Debus, Gert J de Borst
Case Title Surgeon
Keynote Lecture:When you need acute carotid endarterectomy? Gert J de Borst
Acute carotid dissection Barbara Rantner
Carotid subclavian bypass Vincent Jongkind
Hoovering the Aorta Sabine Wipper
Carotid trauma Carl Magnus Wahlgren
Axillosubclavian transection from GSW requiring wire snaring within the hematoma and covered stenting due to hemorrhage Jake F.Hemingway
Acute carotid thrombectomy Sebastian Debus
Miscellaneous case: MISCAB Pierre Sarradon
25th January, 19:00 CET : PAD & Lower Limb ischaemia (Acute & emergency surgery) 
Chairs: Ivika Heinola, Vincent Jongkind
Case Title Surgeon
IVUS in peripheral revascularisation Frederico Bastos Gonçalves
Percutaneous rotational thrombectomy device in critical limb ischaemia patients Çagdas Ünlü
IVUS-guided intervention of the popliteal and tibial arteries Eric Secemsky
3 level revascularisation Maarit Venermo
Acute limb ischaemia Katariina Noronen 
The Lightning System: A game Changer in clot removal management Giovanni Pratesi
Use of angiojet solent TM dista thrombectomy system in acute limb ischemia after EVAR Miquel Gil
Catheter-directed thrombolysis Evren Özçınar
 1st February, 19:00 CET : Vascular Access (Acute & emergency surgery) 
Chairs: Philippe Kolh, Sebastian Debus
Case Title Surgeon
Keynote Lecture:Management of anti thrombotic treatment in vascular access Stavros Kakkos
Management of a high flow AV fistula Matthias K. Widmer
Acute case 1 André Isaak
Acute case 2 François Saucy
Early cannulation graft Maarten Snoeijs
Miscellaneous : ovarian vein transposition John White
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