Viva Voce practice for the FEBVS exam

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The Academy introduces: Viva Voce practice for the FEBVS exam You will be in the experienced hands of: David Lewis; Sanna Kouhia and Eline van Hattum.  Objective: Small group viva voce exam practice, covering FEBVS curriculum topics on vascular disease. The viva voce practice will follow the format of Case Based Discussion with PowerPoint slides to focus […]


26th European Vascular Course 2023

5 March - 7 March | 26th European Vascular Course In a few weeks, Maastricht, the Netherlands will be the universal centre of vascular and cardiovascular training during the 26th European Vascular Course (EVC) and the 6th European Cardiovascular Course (ECC). The scientific lectures and the entire arterial, venous, vascular access and cardiovascular workshop program […]

Treatment of Acute Thrombosis of Deep Venous System

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We are pleased to announce a new course in the Venous Pathway! Treatment of Acute Thrombosis of Deep Venous System Join: Adam Zieliński, Efthymios Avgerinos, Houman Jalaie & others Objective An endovenous treatment of deep veins thrombosis gains more interest due to the good outcome of it as a prevention of post-thrombotic syndrome, especially in […]


Aortic Academy Pathways : Planning and Sizing series EVAR: Abdominal Aorta (elective and emergent)

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The ESVS Academy proudly revisits the Planning and Sizing series - EVAR: Abdominal Aorta (elective and emergent)  Session 1 : Planning and sizing elective EVAR               23rd March (18:00-20:00) Session 2 : Planning and sizing emergent EVAR             30th March (18:00-20:00) This 2-part series  is designed […]

ESVS and Copenhagen Certification Programme (ENHANCE) – Open Repair of Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms.

Academy for Medical Education and Simulation Ryesgade 53B, 4. Sal, 2100 København, Copenhagen

Please note that this course will take place as planned. Look forward to seeing you in Copenhagen! ENHANCE OPEN A collaboration:  Esvs and copeNHAgeN CErtification programme (ENHANCE ) is arranged as a collaboration between the ESVS Academy, the Department of Vascular Surgery at the University Hospital of Copenhagen (Rigshospitalet) and the Copenhagen Academy of Medical Education […]

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