Porto Vascular Conference 2024

Congress Centre Alfandega Do Porto Rua Nova Da Alfândega, Edifício Da Alfândega, Porto, Portugal

Porto, Portugal | 13-15 June 2024 Find more information here. PVC has generously offered 20 complimentary registrations to ESVS Trainee Members (EVST). Please fill out this survey to express your interest in the complementary registration. These benefits will be distributed on a first-come, first-serve basis - so don't waste a second! Fill out the survey. Venue Address: Alfândega Congress Centre Rua Nova da Alfândega Edifício da Alfândega 4050-430 Porto 

Endovascular toolkit in arteriovenous fistula dysfunction

Virtual Event Virtual Event

We are pleased to announce a course in the Dialysis Pathway! Endovascular toolkit in arteriovenous fistula dysfunction Join: Flavia Gentile, Nicola Pirozzi, Fernando Gallardo & Joana Ferreira Objective: The aim of this workshop is to give the participants an overview about tools which can be useful for fistula dysfunction. As vascular access dysfunction is a very common vascular disorder, its treatment requires many specialists to be able to maintain the problem. Endovascular tools are very often needed and used by interventional radiologist and vascular surgeons. Thus the course is designed to give the participants wider knowledge useful in their daily practice. Many treatment modalities can be utilised, the course will highland the indications for some specific methods, which are the most appropriate for given patients. The eligible cases will be presented, and designed treatment indicated. By attending this course, participants will know the basic tools to treat fistula dysfunction (stenosis, thrombosis) and the indications for some specific treatment modalities and be able to decide if they are the most appropriate for given patient. A thought that there is no unique and perfect treatment modality for each patient will be presented and highlighted. Full Programme Target audience:  CME: CME accreditation is not being sought for […]


ESVS Advanced endovascular training in PAD Access, crossing and vessel preparation. How to optimize your algorithm

Noordwest Hospital Wilhelminalaan 12, Alkmaar, Netherlands

The PAD Pathway would like to welcome you to a new course this summer - ESVS Advanced endovascular training in PAD Access, crossing and vessel preparation. How to optimise your algorithm Collaborator: Department of Vascular Surgery Alkmaar, the Netherlands. Your carefully selected expert team will be: Çağdaş Ünlü, vascular surgeon, MD, PhD Michiel Schreve, faculty, vascular surgeon, MD, PhD Wouter Hogendoorn, faculty, vascular surgeon, MD, PhD COURSE CONFIRMED: Please go ahead and book your travel and accommodation! Objective: This training has three objectives. The first goal is to learn all the important steps in access and closure, regarding all different access sites. Access and closure are crucial steps in these procedures to ensure patient safety and successful outcomes.  Hostile groins, proximal superficial artery occlusion and all peripheral retrograde options will be discussed and taught. Different closure devices will be discussed and can be practised on as part of the course. The second goal is to learn about wire selection. With the large possibilities of wire selection and the different lesions that need to be treated, the different options will be discussed (wire escalation vs antegrade-retrograde technique). Algorithm of wire escalation and choices will be presented on the basis of existing cases. The different wires […]


European Venous Forum 2024

Royal Olympic Hotel 28-34 Athanasiou Diakou, Athens, Greece

27-29th of June | Athens, Greece The European Venous Forum, in collaboration with the Hellenic Society of Phlebology, are pleased to announce the forthcoming meeting of the European Venous Forum meeting in the heart of Athens. The didactic sessions will cover numerous topics such as new developments in the management of VTE, update on practical phlebology and CVD. There will be the joint session with the EVF and the American Venous Forum (AVF). This year we are pleased to announce that there will also be a joint session with the European Society of Vascular Surgery (ESVS). On Saturday afternoon, the Balkan Venous Forum will hold their meeting. Venue: Royal Olympic Hotel, Athens 28-34, Athanasiou Diakou 117 43, Athens, Greece Registrations are now open! Visit europeanvenousforum.org

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