ESVS Vascular Surgery Skills – Hands-on at the Wet Lab, Trondheim, Norway

St. Olav's University Hospital, Trondheim Prinsesse Kristinas gate 3, Trondheim, Norway

Welcome to another new course in the PAD Pathway! ESVS Vascular Surgery Skills - Hands-on at the Wet Lab, Trondheim, Norway 28th May 2024 - during the Norwegian Society for Vascular Surgery Annual Meeting (28th - 30th May) COURSE CONFIRMED - please go ahead and book travel and accommodation You will be in the capable hands of: Shakil Aslam - outgoing President - Norwegian Society for Vascular Surgery; Head of Vascular department - Østfold Hospital Trust Arne Seternes - Associate Professor – Trondheim University Hospital; Head of vascular research department – Helse Midt-Norge; ESVS Councillor for Norway & Dr. med. Andreas Greiner - Director Department of Vascular Surgery and Head of Vascular Centre, Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin Beate Viddal -  Head of Vascular department, Stavanger University hospital Knut E. Kjørstad – Department of Cardiothoracic and Vascular Surgery, University Hospital North Norway, Tromsø Joakim Jørgensen – Department of Vascular surgery and Department of traumatalogy, Oslo University Hospital Espen Gubberud - Head of Vascular department, Bergen University hospital Frode Aasgard - Head of Vascular department, Trondheim University hospital Christian Lyng – Head of vascular department, Innlandet Hospital Trust Erik M. Pettersen – Department of Vascular surgery, Hospital of Southern Norway Beate Lindberg - […]

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Statistics 4 Vascular Surgeons Part 1 & Part 2

Virtual Event Virtual Event

You will be in the capable hands of David Lewis, Sergi Bellmunt Montoya, Francisco Álvarez Marcos & Graeme Ambler Part 1: 4th June Part 2: 6th June Objective These online workshops cover what a Vascular Surgeon or Vascular Surgical Trainee needs to know about statistics in the context of understanding published literature or performing original research. The workshop consists of interactive discussion, working through defined areas of statistical analysis, led by well-respected vascular surgical colleagues who will allow plenty of time for questions and answers. On completion of these workshops attendees will have a clear understanding of statistics and statistical analysis as commonly appears in scientific publications. Attendees will enhance their ability to critically appraise published literature and understand when published evidence should influence their practice (and when it shouldn’t). Attendees will increase their knowledge of how and when to perform statistical analyses and where to go for help with this. They will certainly understand the general principles of the standard and level of knowledge needed to pass the FEBVS exam. Target audience: The workshop is aimed at any clinician who sees vascular patients but is a must for trainees sitting professional exams (e.g. FEBVS). Registration and Cancellation policy: € 25 for ESVS members and […]

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Endovascular toolkit in arteriovenous fistula dysfunction

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We are pleased to announce a course in the Dialysis Pathway! Endovascular toolkit in arteriovenous fistula dysfunction Join: Flavia Gentile, Nicola Pirozzi, Fernando Gallardo & Joana Ferreira Objective: The aim of this workshop is to give the participants an overview about tools which can be useful for fistula dysfunction. As vascular access dysfunction is a very common vascular disorder, its treatment requires many specialists to be able to maintain the problem. Endovascular tools are very often needed and used by interventional radiologist and vascular surgeons. Thus the course is designed to give the participants wider knowledge useful in their daily practice. Many treatment modalities can be utilised, the course will highland the indications for some specific methods, which are the most appropriate for given patients. The eligible cases will be presented, and designed treatment indicated. By attending this course, participants will know the basic tools to treat fistula dysfunction (stenosis, thrombosis) and the indications for some specific treatment modalities and be able to decide if they are the most appropriate for given patient. A thought that there is no unique and perfect treatment modality for each patient will be presented and highlighted. Full Programme Target audience:  CME: CME accreditation is not being sought for […]

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ESVS Advanced endovascular training in PAD Access, crossing and vessel preparation. How to optimize your algorithm

Noordwest Hospital Wilhelminalaan 12, Alkmaar, Netherlands

The PAD Pathway would like to welcome you to a new course this summer - ESVS Advanced endovascular training in PAD Access, crossing and vessel preparation. How to optimise your algorithm Collaborator: Department of Vascular Surgery Alkmaar, the Netherlands. Your carefully selected expert team will be: Çağdaş Ünlü, vascular surgeon, MD, PhD Michiel Schreve, faculty, vascular surgeon, MD, PhD Wouter Hogendoorn, faculty, vascular surgeon, MD, PhD COURSE CONFIRMED: Please go ahead and book your travel and accommodation! Objective: This training has three objectives. The first goal is to learn all the important steps in access and closure, regarding all different access sites. Access and closure are crucial steps in these procedures to ensure patient safety and successful outcomes.  Hostile groins, proximal superficial artery occlusion and all peripheral retrograde options will be discussed and taught. Different closure devices will be discussed and can be practised on as part of the course. The second goal is to learn about wire selection. With the large possibilities of wire selection and the different lesions that need to be treated, the different options will be discussed (wire escalation vs antegrade-retrograde technique). Algorithm of wire escalation and choices will be presented on the basis of existing cases. The different wires […]


ESVS Viva Voce practice for the FEBVS exam – September 2024

Virtual Event Virtual Event

Don't miss another instalment of the ESVS Viva Voce practice for the FEBVS exam! Join: David Lewis, Sanna Kouhia, Martin Teraa, Alexander Gratl & Eline Van Hattum  Objective The overarching objective of this course is to prepare candidates for some of the different parts of the FEBVS examination. This part of the course prepares candidates for the viva voce section of the examination. Small group viva voce exam practice, covering FEBVS curriculum topics on vascular disease. The viva voce practice will follow the format of Case Based Discussion with PowerPoint slides to focus questions and answers. The session is mapped to the FEBVS curriculum and covers a wide range of vascular conditions. Clinical presentation, pathology, investigation including imaging and treatment options will be covered during the session. Participants will be split into groups with one member of faculty for each group. Each participant will be asked to manage a clinical scenario for a minimum of 10 minutes under simulated (on line) exam conditions whilst the other members of the group observe the discussion. Timings need to be strictly adhered to and will accommodate the number of candidates in each session. The timing of the session will allow for some feedback from […]

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