Aortic Fellowship – UMC Utrecht 2024

The 6-month fellowship (January – July) is a combined clinical and research fellowship
program dedicated to increase knowledge and skills in management and science of aortic

The department of Vascular Surgery at the University Medical Center Utrecht is a recognized
tertiary referral center for complex aortic pathology. Open and regular and complex
endovascular aortic repairs are performed weekly using all kind of off-the-shelf and custommade
stent grafts. An attractive research program runs connected to the clinical activities.
Aortic research is focused on (radiation reducing) 3D image guidance and on evolution of
minimal invasive endovascular technologies.

Fellowship program
The fellow is exposed to the full clinical management of patients with different aortic
diseases. This includes patient assessment, multidisciplinary decision-making, preoperative
sizing and planning, open and endovascular surgery and postoperative monitoring and

The fellow is also encouraged to participate in the research program with opportunities to
present research and outcome during international meetings and in publications in peerreviewed

Candidates for the fellowship should be senior vascular trainee or young vascular surgeon,
within 3 years after finishing their vascular surgery traineeship. Good command of English or
Dutch language is required.

A stipend for accommodation and living expenses in Utrecht is provided.

Application process
Please send letter of motivation accompanied by CV and two letters of recommendation
before October 1st to

Course directors:
Prof. Dr. Joost A. van Herwaarden, vascular surgeon
Dr. Constatijn (Stijn) E.V.B. Hazenberg, vascular surgeon

Download Job Description – Aortic Fellowship Programme 2024


The Malmö Aortic Endovascular Research and Clinical Fellowship

The Malmö Vascular Center at Skåne University Hospital is a unique tertiary referral centre
for southern Sweden with vast and long experience in complex endovascular aortic surgery.
The Vascular Center is also integrated within The Department of Cardiac Surgery with whom
regular multidisciplinary conferences are held.

The Malmö Endovascular Aortic Fellowship is primarily a research fellowship but is also
combined with a range of supervised vascular and endovascular clinical activities. The
program is designed for vascular trainees or recently graduated specialists with a specific
interest in aortic pathology. Duties of the aortic fellow include active participation in research
projects which are designed (and expected) to lead to presentation of results at international
meeting(s) and publication in scientific journal(s). On the clinical side, the fellow will be
involved in all aspects of management of a wide range and complexity of aortic pathologies
including assessment, planning, surgical repair (endovascular and open) and clinical followup.
The fellowship is primarily directed to international applicants. Knowledge of Swedish is
beneficial but not required. Fluency in English is required, and the applicant must possess a
fund of knowledge in basic open and endovascular techniques. Experience in research is
particularly useful and desired in applicants. Registration with the Swedish National Board of
Health and Welfare is not mandatory but will allow the fellow to fully participate in all aspects
of the program.

The fellowship length is 6 to 12 months with a flexible start date.
The successful applicant will receive financial support from the MURA Foundation supported
by Prof. Krassi Ivancev to assist with living and traveling expenses.

Inquires and application should be sent to Mrs Kjerstin Ädel Malmborg
( and include a letter of motivation, CV with details on
academic experience and letter(s) of recommendation.

Programme Coordinator: Prof Nuno Dias



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