Section Editor (Social Media) for the European Journal of Vascular and Endovascular Surgery (EJVES)

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The editorial team of EJVES will evolve in January 2025 and we are advertising for a Section editor for Social Media, including  the supervision of the two new Assistant Editors.

The term of office is three years, which can be renewed twice. Changes within the section editors posts may take place after discussion with the senior editors, and is not subject to external application. Thus, it is quite possible that this section editors will later become responsible for another section in the journal.

Section Editor for Social Media

This section editor is responsible for promoting the papers published in Social Media, in particular Twitter/X and Linkedin. The work is performed together with the assistant editors, and includes creating visual abstracts and podcasts, in collaboration with the podcast group.

Experience and expertise in Social Media, is important for this post. The successful applicant will also manage other research papers within their area of expertise, in collaboration with the relevant section editor. Thus allowing the editor to further develop their editorial skills for future assignments.

An honorarium is linked to this position.

About the Application process

The EJVES works with a professional career path in scientific publishing within the field vascular surgery: i.e. Reviewers, Editorial Board (EB) members, and finally Editors. We do invite scholars to review papers, and this peer review system is the key to success for any scientific journal. In November each year the Editorial Board (EB) is renewed, based on the performance of the reviewers the last 12 and 24 months. Every single review is scored between 1-100, depending on its quality. To qualify to be invited to become a member of the EB, she/he must have performed at least 10 reviews the last year, with a mean score >70. Furthermore, 2/3 of the invitations must have been accepted, and 80% the reports must have been submitted within the time limit (normally 3 weeks).

Thus, when selecting new editors the members of the EB are those we normally consider, and we send a special invitation to all EB members of the EJVES. It is possible, however, that persons may have worked with other journals, or have other academic experiences, that make them suitable to become an editor of this journal. We will consider all applications.

The deadline for applications is August 16, 2024.

To apply, please complete the form below.

The top candidates will then be invited to an interview led by the Editor-in-Chief (Martin Björck) and the Senior Editor (Jonathan Boyle).

EJVES Section Editor - Social Media

EJVES Section Editor - Social Media

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