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The ESVS is looking for an App Coordinator to join its Guidelines Steering Committee to from May 2024.

The main objective of the ESVS Guidelines Steering Committee is the development of Clinical Practice Guidelines on various vascular topics. Comprising 15 members, the committee seeks to appoint a dedicated individual to oversee the management of the Guidelines App for a 3-year term, starting after a 3-month trial period.

This role will primarily focus on overseeing the management of the guidelines app and facilitating communication between the app company and the Guidelines Steering Committee.

Who can apply:

European vascular surgeons or trainees who are ESVS members. Applicants should have a keen interest in technology. Previous experience working with applications would be an advantage.

What is expected from you:

  • Oversee the management of the ESVS guidelines app, liaising with the app company and the writing committees to ensure a smooth process.
  • Review content in the guidelines app.
  • Attend steering committee meetings: 2 meetings (1 in January and 1 at the ESVS annual meeting) and additional monthly video conferences.
  • Work on voluntary basis
  • Respect ESVS procedures, vision and mission

What’s in it for you:

  • Join an international team of experts and develop your network within the ESVS.
  • Experience working with Guidelines.

 How to apply:

  • Please complete the form below.
  • Please provide any additional documents proving your previous experience in working with apps or guidelines.

Any questions?

Please address them to Prof. Anders Wanhainen (Chair of the Guidelines Steering Committee) through


Deadline to submit your application: 31st March 2024

Interviews for shortlisted candidates will be held on 8th April and the successful candidate will begin their term on 1st May 2024 and for a duration of 3 years following a 3 month trail period.


This form is currently closed for submissions.

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