ESVS @ CEC Free Webinar – Interpretation of ESVS 2024 Guidelines

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Interpretation of ESVS 2024 Clinical Practice Guidelines—How to treat PAD patients with arterial thromboembolic lesions

3rd of November @ 06:00 – 08:00 CET

Chaired and moderated by Zhong Chen, Wei Guo, Weiguo Fu, Christian-Alexander Behrendt, and Joakim Nordanstig.

The panellists will be Xiangchen Dai, Xiaobin Tang, Yongjun Li, Lianrui Guo, and Anne Lejay.


Webinar Programme

  • The new ESVS clinical practise guideline on asymptomatic lower limb PAD and intermittent claudication: development, general concepts, overall patient management and important highlights – Joakim Nordanstig
  • Lower limb peripheral arterial disease risk factor management – Christian-Alexander Behrendt
  • Best lower limb revascularisation practise in patients with intermittent claudication, leave nothing behind? – Anne Lejay
  • The application of drug coated balloon in BTK – Xin Jia
  • A multicenter study comparing the efficacy of endovascular therapy in patients with intermittent claudication and severe lower limb ischemia – Meng Ye
  • Selection of instruments for treating arterial thromboembolic lesions – Zilun Li

Time for panel discussion will be allocated after every presentation.

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