Guidelines Opportunity!

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Guidelines Opportunity!

Become an author! – European EVST members only.  


ATTENTION! Vascular Access Guideline starting in 2023 needs an EVST author

The ESVS Guidelines Steering Committee is starting the writing process for new clinical practice guidelines and are seeking an EVST representative in the writing committee

As decided by the ExCo of the ESVS, every writing committee can have a “trainee” representative. The goal is to have one European EVST representative appointed for each of these guideline writing committees following an application process.   

There are no strict clinical or academic requirements for being selected an EVST representative for the Writing Committee, but as the EVST member is equal to other members of the Writing Committee, and as the guideline writing process will demand academic skills and reviewing of a lot of literature, previous experience in academic writing and research is a requirement, in addition to personal interest in the topic. These points will be considered when reviewing the applications, along with relevant detail of any involvement applicants have had in EVST activities. Applications will be reviewed, and the top three candidates presented to the ESVS Guidelines Committees and Chairs of each guideline for approval.   

The guideline writing process will take an average of 18 months (but can extend beyond this), and includes four pre-scheduled key meetings (three kick-off meetings online, a follow-up meeting face-to-face) as well as regular, ad-hoc, catch-up meetings, with mandatory attendance. The travelling and accommodation expenses will be covered by the ESVS. Being a writing committee member of these guidelines is really an educative experience, although you should be prepared to work according to a schedule.  

To apply, please send your CV and cover letter highlighting your previous activities in the ESVS/EVST, your previous scientific/academic expertise (specifically in the subject of the Guideline) to before 12:00, midday (CET) on Tuesday 2nd May. Should you need any more information on the topic, please email


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