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Could you be the next Vascular Forum Editor in Chief?

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EDITOR IN CHIEF of the EJVES Vascular Forum

The European Society for Vascular Surgery is looking for a motivated member to become the next Editor in chief (EiC) of the EJVES Vascular Forum from January 2024, for a 4-year term after a 12-month run-in phase. The Editor in chief will also serve in the ESVS Executive Committee for the 4 years of his/her term as Editor-in-Chief.

Who can apply?

ESVS members who are knowledgeable in scientific publishing and have enough experience in being an editor to lead the 2nd ESVS scientific journal in vascular surgery. Preferably, you are, or have been, an Editor and/or an Editorial Board Member of the EJVES, Vascular Forum or of another comparable scientific journal,

In addition, you should be an experienced researcher and educator, to be able to evaluate the work of your peers and  the diverse educational needs of the young audience served by Vascular Forum . Preferably, you should have research experience in more than one of the major fields of vascular surgery or education.

Experience, skill and interest in Social Media interaction and audiovisual communication will also be much valued for the development of this role as EiC of an interactive and innovative  multimedia journal with great SoMe exposure.

What is expected from you?

You will have the vision, flair and experience to direct the strategy and management of the journal and work together with the Associate and Assistant Editors to manage the submitted manuscripts, enhance the audiovisual material and engage in Social Media interaction. There were about 180 submissions during 2021, and you will be involved in 50-70% of those.

Furthermore, it is expected that your innovative ideas further develop the EJVES Vascular Forum according to the ESVS mission, ie. to further improve vascular science and practice, and to progressively lift its position among the international journals of our field.

As a consequence, this assignment is considerably time-consuming. There is a yearly honorarium for remuneration, but that will not directly cover for missed-out clinical work. Therefore, you must have both the commitment and a working environment that permits you to focus on your editorial work for 4 years.

How to apply?

Please send your CV and a letter of motivation outlining your strategy to develop the EJVES Vascular Forum further (maximum 3 pages or an audiovisual presentation of maximum 5 minutes). Also, the letter should state clearly and convincingly how you plan to clear sufficient time for this demanding assignment.

In addition, please provide supporting documents outlining your experience in scientific editing, as well as a letter of support from your employer (if applicable).

Your application should be sent to  Application deadline is the 31st October.

Shortlisted applicants will be able to present themselves to a board of EJVES Vascular Forum and EJVES staff at a Zoom meeting that will take place in November 2022 (date and time to be defined). These applicants will be expected to make an audiovisual presentation detailing their ideas about the strengths and weaknesses of the journal and their suggestions to develop it further. The board of interviewers will make the selection of the most promising candidate, and will then propose him/her to the ESVS Executive Committee for ratification.

Once ratified, the result will be communicated to all candidates before the end of the year. The actual work as EiC will begin with a run-in phase, starting in January 2023, to shadow the current EiC.  This will give the elected person enough time to prepare for taking on full EiC responsibilities from January 2024, and to re-organise his/her working environment, if necessary.

Any questions?

Please address them to Melina Vega de Ceniga (current EJVES VF EiC), through

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