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About Virtual Vascular

Virtual Vascular is an online resource for all vascular specialists and healthcare workers who treat patients with vascular diseases. The resource is hosted through the ESVS website, and free to ESVS members and individual subscribers.

Construction of Virtual Vascular began in 2020, and there are currently 24 chapters online.

The aim is to produce a living ‘textbook’ with chapters written by expert vascular specialists using the latest digital techniques to enhance learning, with videos and podcasts. Since Virtual Vascular is online only, updating chapters is easy, giving a major advantage over standard textbooks. Virtual Vascular will be the complete vascular resource, and always up-to-date. ‘Chapters’ in Virtual Vascular go online as soon as they are accepted, and the aim is to build a complete library by last quarter of 2023.

Virtual Vascular was created in 2019 by three editors: Martin Björck (Sweden), Sebastian Debus (Germany) and Jonothan Earnshaw (UK). Professor Björck has stood down in the spring of 2021 and Prof. Maarit Venermo has joined the editorial team as a successor.

Call for Applications

The Virtual Vascular Editorial board are seeking expressions of interest from vascular specialists who would be interested to join the editorial team to replace one of the current editors.

 Your tasks as an editor will be:

  • Invite possible authors
  • Discuss on possible new chapters
  • Participate in our monthly calls
  • Revise and edit all chapters

 Skills and attributes needed for this prestigious post include:

  • Be an ESVS member
  • An international reputation in vascular surgery
  • Experience soliciting and writing surgical research and chapters for textbooks
  • Experience in editing and critical revision of submitted chapters
  • Expertise and strategic vision for the future use of digital material in publishing and education.

The post is for three years (renewable). The aim is to secure a replacement for one of the Editors to start on 01.10.2022. There is no specific remuneration for this post, but expenses will be covered by ESVS.

How to apply?

Expressions of interest should be submitted before 15.09.2022 to Managing Editor, Madina Lapeyre ( Submissions should include a short CV (maximum 500 words), and reasons you wish to be considered for the post.

Further information may be obtained from the current editors:

Sebastian Debus (

Jonothan Earnshaw (

Maarit Venermo  (


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