Seeking European Research Hub Committee members

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After a thorough investigation, including a questionnaire sent to the members, and multiple task force online meetings, the Executive Committee of the ESVS has decided to create an European Research Hub (ERH). We are now looking for interested members who can apply to become partof the steering committee of the ERH. The immediate activities to be developed by this new committee are the following:

1) Evaluate research proposals from European researchers, preferably multicentre and multinational trials, according to a SOP to be developed, providing informed peer-review and endorsement to support external funding. Proposals can be initiated by individual researchers, groups, as well as by the ESVS Guidelines and Vascunet committees.

2) Facilitate the implementation of good quality proposals.

3) Maintain, and update continuously, a list of interested researchers/institutions that can be invited to participate when a proposal for multicentre research is endorsed.

4) Maintain a contact list of experienced epidemiologists, biostatisticians, and other experts that can be consulted when a trial is designed.

5) Facilitate contact with established research facilities. This can be helpful when the trial is conducted, such as data management, randomisation, production of placebo tablets, etc.

6) Organise educational activities during ESVS and other meetings.

At a later stage we anticipate that the ERH will have enough financial and organisational strength to perform multinational RCTs, addressing important outstanding clinical issues where we still lack evidence to enable evidence based clinical decision-making. More information can be found in the following link, where the details of the project are outlined. Please note, however, that the time-line has been somewhat delayed compared to the initial proposal that was submitted in September 2021.If you are an ESVS member and are willing to work with the ESVS to materialise this project, please submit your application by email to We need the following:

1) A letter of intention, where you describe why you would like to work on this project (maximum 2 pages).

2) A general CV, with focus on your previous experience in planning and implementing research projects (maximum 4 pages).

3) A list of publications, highlighting the 10 most important publications for this task.

Please also take note of the attached SOP for committee management.

We welcome your application! Deadline is  30th August, and after having decided who to include in the ERH committee, we plan a kick-off meeting in November 2022.

Martin Björck, senior editor of the EJVES, and chair of the task force that developed the proposal.

On behalf of the Executive Committee of the ESVS

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