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As the devastating crisis in Ukraine continues to unfold, at the ESVS we express our condemnation against all violence perpetrated and stand alongside all people that have been affected by this war.


The ESVS Executive Committee was recently addressed by a Ukrainian colleague who presented shocking scenes in cities around the country, and the distressing injuries inflicted on civilians during the ongoing invasion.  If you wish, you are able to view that presentation here

The ESVS has pledged €50 000 to help source and ship essential equipment to colleagues in Ukraine; equipment we know is in short supply and desperately needed, thanks to detailed information from colleagues there.  There are a number of individuals in the society assisting in this complex operation, and we thank them wholeheartedly for their efforts. 

You can also contribute to this ESVS Ukraine Support Fund by making a donation via the ESVS. All donations received for Ukraine will be used exclusively for the purpose of sourcing and shipping equipment to Ukrainian institutions. As per the rules of the Charity Commission all funds received for ESVS Ukraine Support Fund will be used exclusively for that purpose.  Use ‘Ukraine Support Fund’ as your transaction reference and ESVS will ensure your donation is directed to this project.

In addition, we hope you will have seen the recently published EJVES critical commentary entitled ‘Urgent plea for an immediate stop to the Russian invasion of the Ukraine and respect for the legacy of Professor Nikolai L. Volodos‘.

Many international organisations are collecting funds to support those affected by the war in Ukraine.  One of these is the UNHCR, who are providing life-saving protection to families forced to flee their homes, and has stepped up its operations and capacity in Ukraine and neighbouring countries. 


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