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Vascular Forum publishing grants

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4 Vascular Forum publication grants available

How to apply? 

  • When submitting your paper to the Vascular Forum inform the ESVS office ( and EJVES Vascular Forum Editor in chief ( that you wish to apply for a grant

Who can apply? 

  • The first and corresponding authors must be ESVS members

  • You must declare to not have any other external funding (research grant, hospital, university, etc)

How will the grants be allocated?

  • 2 grants will be available for original research papers, 2 for case/short reports

  • The EJVES Vascular Forum editors will allocate the grants based on (i) whether the paper lies within the scope of the journal, (ii) merit after peer-review and (iii) first-come, first-served

What is the process?

  • Once an application has been put forward and all requirements checked for correct fulfilment, the grant will be reserved until an editorial decision has been made.

  • If the paper is accepted for publication in EJVES Vascular Forum, the author will receive a code that can be used to waive the publication fee.

  • If the paper is not accepted for publication in EJVES Vascular Forum, the grant will be released and made again available for other applicants.

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