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Councillors 2020

by | Sep 11, 2020 | News

September sees a changeover in Council representatives for certain countries.  We welcome the incoming Councillors and also thank those ending their term for all their dedication and commitment to the role over the past three years.
Incoming ESVS Councillors (September 2020)
Dr. Nikolay Mihaylov (Bulgaria)
Prof. Predrag Pavic (Croatia)
Prof. Neophytos Zambas (Cyprus)
Prof. Jean-Baptiste Elixène (France)
Dr. Robbie George (India)
Dr. Adrian O’Callaghan (Ireland)
Dr. Barend Mees (Netherlands)
Dr. Adrian Muresan (Romania)
Dr. Dirk Le Roux (South Africa)
Dr. Joakim Nordanstig (Sweden)
Dr. Sebastien Déglise (Switzerland)
Assoc. Prof. Suat Doganic (Turkey)
Prof. Andrii Nykonenko (Ukraine)
Outgoing ESVS Councillors (September 2020)
Dr. Ivan Cvjetko (Croatia)
Dr. Robert Vlachovsky (Czech Republic)
Prof. Simon Rinckenbach (France)
Dr. Kumud Rai (India)
Mr. Brian Manning (Ireland)
Dr. Marald Wikkeling (Netherlands)
Prof. Mihai Ionac (Romania)
Dr. Rebecka Hultgren (Sweden)
Dr. Thomas Wolff (Switzerland)
Dr. Cuneyd Ozturk (Turkey)
Dr. Ivan Gudz (Ukraine)
Incoming EVST Councillors (September 2020)
Dr. Sophie Konzett (Austria)
Dr. Gilles Uijtterhaegen (Belgium)
Dr. Cecilie Markvard Møller (Denmark)
Dr. Adeline Schwein (France)
Dr. Pavlos Tsantilas (Germany)
Dr. Dimitrios Chaidaroglou (Greece)
Dr. Paolo Spath (Italy)
Dr. Lukasz Woda (Poland)
Dr. Adina Trusca (Romania)
Dr. Lukas Vasko (Slovakia)
Dr. Lorenz Meuli (Switzerland)
Dr. Aminder Singh (UK)
Outgoing EVST Councillors (September 2020)
Dr. Florian Enzman (Austria)
Dr. Alexander Croo (Belgium)
Dr. Martin Lawaetz (Denmark)
Dr. Fabien Lareyre (France)
Dr. Albert Busch (Germany)
Dr. Vassilios Zymvragoudakis (Greece)
Dr. Stefano Ancetti (Italy)
Dr. Mircea Popitiu (Romania)
Dr. Peter Stefanic (Slovakia)
Dr. Salome Weiss (Switzerland)

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