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Spoilt for choice at the ESVS Month

by | Jun 26, 2020 | Homepage, News

ESVS Academy presents ….
ESVS Academy Chair Ramon Vila Coll introduces the ESVS Academy Programme for ESVS Month. There is so much to get involved in!

Konstantinos Stavroulakis will be running an interactive case discussion during ESVS Month, he invites you to join him online on 29th September @ 20:00

Arno Wiersema invites you to join the ESVS Academy session on Antithrombotic strategy in elective and acute interventions. Online on 29th September @ 20:00
Pirkka Vikatmaa and Tal Hörer will be delivering the session Endovascular and hybrid options in vascular trauma and visceral bleeding.  Catch it on 6th October @ 20:00
Vincent Jongkind invites you to join a session on ‘Optimising medical treatment of patients with PAD’.  Catch it on 6th October @ 20:00

Xavier Berard will be running a session on explantation of the abdominal stent graft. Don’t miss it, on 8th October @ 17:00

Richard Pole and Steven Rogers will be running a Carotid Duplex session during ESVS Month. Join them online on 13th October @ 17:00

Igor Koncar invites you to join the ESVS Academy session on Interpretation of computed tomography in acute aortic pathology. Online on 8th October @ 20:00

David Lewis invites you to join the Overview of the FEBVS exam workshop ESVS Month. Online on 13th October @ 20:00

Tomasz Pelak is delivering a session on ‘How to tailor the treatment for your patient with Chronic Venous Disease’ on 15th October at 17:00.  Here he explains what to expect from this online workshop.

Sanna Kouhia will be running a session on ‘Clinical knowledge for FEBVS exam’. Join her online on 20th October

Lots more to get involved in during ESVS Month.

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