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Webinar: Clinical use of REBOA in hemodynamically unstable patients

by | Jun 2, 2020 | Homepage, News

Join us for a web-based live discussion platform on the use of REBOA for hemodynamical instability !

16:00-16:10   Welcome words and presentation of participants – Pirkka Vikatmaa (Finland)
16:10-16:16   REBOA is one of the tools of EVTM endovascular resuscitation and Trauma Management concept- Tal Hörer (Sweden)
16:22-16:28   Vascular access for hemodynamic unstable patients, How and who? – Carl Magnus Wahlgren (Sweden)
16:34-16:40    Use of REBOA in trauma patients, Overview- What do we know? – David McGreevy   (Sweden)
16:46- 16:52   Practical issues with REBOA placement and use in trauma- tips and tricks – Viktor Reva (Russia)
16:58-17:04   Practical issues with REBOA placement in trauma – Lessons – Joseph DuBose (USA)
17:10-17:16   REBOA in Post-Partum Hemorrhage (PPH) – Megan Brenner (USA)
17:22-17:28   Use of REBOA in rAAA –Zoran Rancic (Switzerland)
Comment – Simulation training, REBOA for rAAA, Helsinki experience Pirkka Vikatmaa
17:36-17:42    When not to use REBOA and complications – Artai Pirouzram (Sweden)
17:48-17:54    Future aspects of REBOA- What do we need to learn and know/ongoing studies/developments- Junichi Matsumoto and Yosuke Matsumura (Japan)
18:00-18:10   Round up discussion by Pirkka Vikatmaa

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