News from Hamburg 2019

by | Sep 25, 2019 | Homepage, News

The Annual Meeting kicked off yesterday with the Fast Track sessions, which saw the following people score highest and be selected for an extended presentation in one of the plenary Scientific Sessions later this week.
Congratulations to :
Victor Mill
Anne Burdess
Mahmoud Malas
Manar Khashram
Daniel Hinck
Hans-Henning Eckstein
Anna Pouncey
Eric Verhoeven
Salvatore Scali
Georg Jung
Catharina Gronert
Maarit Venermo
Qasam Ghulam
Sherif Sultan
David Power
Gaspar Mestres
Emma Plana
Marloes M. Jansen
Peter Sotonyi
Maria Ruffino
Franziska Heidemann
Azeem Alam
Francesco Sturla
Jussi Kärkkäinen
Chuan Tian
Rupert Bauersachs
Michiel Poorthuis
Anna Pouncey
Andreia Coelho
Philip Stather
Graeme K Ambler
Michiel Poorthuis
Andrew Nickinson
Athanasios Giannoukas
Marko Bogdanovic
Yadong Shi
Amjad Belramman
Orkun Doganer
Andrew Nickinson
Alexander Gombert
Lasse Fisker
Badri Vijaynagar
Salomé Kuntz
Helen Sinabulya
Reza Indrakusuma
Niki Lijftogt
Rens R.B. Varkevisser
Anneli Linné
Anne Cervin
Suvi Väärämäki
Rens R.B. Varkevisser
Melina Vega de Ceniga
Luke Boylan

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