Educational Travel Grants Round 2 – open!

by | Aug 9, 2019 | News

The aim of the grant is to allow the applicant, over a short period of time, to look at a particular technique or research project in a European institution. A special committee within the Society will assess each application in a rapid and simple manner and the member of Council for the country of the applicant will be asked to confirm the applicant’s standing. 10 grants of 3,000€ each will be awarded in 2019, spread over two rounds of applications (February and August).
To be eligible, the applicants must be:
A trainee member or a full member aged no more than 40 years at the 31st December of the preceding year
The application should cover the applicant only. The Society does not support the additional travel cost of family.
The second round of 2019 educational grants is now open. Head to the Members Area to apply.

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