Treatment of PAD today – Innovative pathways: join the event!

by | Jul 23, 2019 | News

27th – 28th September 2019, Hamburg
Join us at our free special educational event in Hamburg!
Through lectures and interactive sessions, this 2 half-day meeting will cover the following topic:

Optimising Patient Care for PAD Patients: Implementing Strategies for Prevention

The scientific part is sponsored by

Henrik Sillesen
Sebastian Debus

Sonia Anand
Rupert Bauersachs
Vincent Jongkind
William Hiatt
Norbert Weiss


  • Optimise current vacsular protection strategies to reduce the residual cardiovascular and limb risk in patients with PAD.
  • Share evolving practical pathways and guiding principles for patients with chronic and symptomatic PAD based on emerging datasets for antithrombotic therapy.
Learning Goals:
  • New patient management approaches in PAD
  • Focus on practical use of contemporary Vascular Protection Strategies in order to reduce the risk of limb and cardiovascular events
  • The multidisciplinary approach to the management of patients with PAD: challenges of current management pathways, potential barriers to implementing a best practice multidisciplinary approach and how to overcome those

Preliminary programme here
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