ESVS Council meeting April 2019

by | Apr 25, 2019 | Homepage, News

The ESVS council met in London on 15th April 2019 for another successful meeting.
We’d like to take the opportunity to thank those Councillors whose mandates are coming to an end:
Prof. Philippe Kolh, Belgium
Assoc. Prof. Dimitar Petkov, Bulgaria
Dr. Lotte Klitford, Denmark
Prof. George Geroulakos, Greece
Dr. Zsolt Palásthy, Hungary
Prof. Erney Mattsson, Norway
Dr. Thomasz Jakimowicz, Poland
Dr. João António Albuquerque e Castro, Portugal
Dr. Ilijas Činara, Serbia
Dr. Maria Kubikova, Slovakia
Dr. Antonio Gimenez-Gaibar, Spain
We look forward to welcoming the new Councillors who will begin their mandate in September 2019:
Prof. Frank Vermassen, Belgium
Dr. Nikolaj Eldrup, Denmark
Prof. Miltos Matsagkas, Greece
Prof. Peter Sotonyi, Hungary
Dr. Dirk Grotemeyer, Luxembourg
Dr. Stanislaw Przywara, Poland
Dr. José Daniel Brandão Fernandes, Portugal
Prof. Aleksandar Tomić, Serbia
Dr. Julius Janek, Slovakia
Dr. Jose Antonio Del Castro Madrazo, Spain
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