Industry Relations and Business Development Committee (IRBD) –
Call for applications

The ESVS created the Industry Relations and Business Development Committee (IRBD) to enhance the interface between the ESVS and its major sponsors and exhibitors. The IRBD Committee works to build relationships with Industry, to increase major partnership numbers and to negotiate directly with sponsors to ensure their continued support to all of the Society’s activities.  These efforts, as with all of the work the ESVS undertakes, are with a view to achieving our goal “to improve vascular health for the public benefit”. As our sponsorship increases, and we look to expand into new content topics and geographical areas, ESVS is looking for a Committee member to join the IRBD Committee with a mandate of 3 years (2024-2027).

Developing and maintaining good relationships with our industry partners is key to developing the society. ESVS relies on several sources of income to develop and run activities for the benefits of members, including industry funding. Being up to date with industry news and sharing the best science with companies towards continuous improvement of vascular heath is integral to the Society’s positioning and its ability to cater for its members and the wider community.

The role of IRBD committee member requires the ability to maintain a strong balance between engaging with medical device or pharma companies whilst guaranteeing ESVS’ scientific and educational independence and neutrality.  The successful candidate will be an ESVS member and will commit to engaging with IRBD and ESVS activities.

The IRBD Committee is composed of the Treasurer as Chair, the President, the President Elect, the Secretary General and an Academy representative. As such, the successful candidate will be in close contact with the ESVS leadership.

The IRBD Committee has regular monthly online Committee meetings, plus online meetings with Industry partners as and when needed (the frequency of these can vary but multiple meetings a month can be expected).In addition, there are a number of face to face meetings at key moments throughout the year, including meetings with Executive Partners, the ESVS Annual Meeting, and other important related meetings  such as Charing Cross or EVC.  The IRBD Committee is regularly consulted and further email communications with Committee members and the ESVS office remain frequent.   The successful candidate will have the time and flexibility in their schedules to actively participate in these meetings.

ESVS would be delighted to welcome on-board any society member who is willing to dedicate time and energy for the society in this role. We value diversity! Equality, Diversity, Inclusion and a sense of belonging are key components of the ESVS principles.

What is expected from you?

  • Be an ESVS member
  • Work on a voluntary basis
  • Take part in defining the partnership strategy as part of the IRBD Committee
  • Participate in Committee meetings and email exchanges
  • Undertake actions as defined by the Committee and report to the Chair and ESVS Partnership Manager at the office
  • Be able to spend about 1-2 hours per week for the task, in addition to participating at regular teleconferences (up to 10 per year, monthly), one face to face meeting during the Annual Meeting (when time allows), one annual strategy meeting and various face-to-face meetings with industry at related events (e.g. Charing Cross, EVC, )
  • Already have contacts with vascular industry representatives
  • Have a natural interest in business development
  • Share and defend ESVS values, including scientific neutrality and EDI
  • Respect ESVS processes and SOPs in place

Application selection will consider the following criteria :

  • Business development experience
  • Contacts with vascular industry representatives
  • Support of the ESVS values
  • Commitment to give time to ESVS
  • Geographical spread within Europe

All candidate applications will be thoughtfully reviewed. Our open application process is key to demonstrating ESVS transparency, which is one of ESVS’ 4 values.

What’s next?

  • Submit your application online before 30th November
  • Be ready for an interview in December
  • Position to begin 1st January 2024


Industry Relations and Business Development Committee (IRBD) member

Industry Relations and Business Development Committee (IRBD) member

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