ESVS President –
Call for applications

The ESVS President is elected into a 3-year term; one year as Deputy President Elect (2024-2025), one year as President Elect (2025-2026) and finally holding the position of ESVS President for the final year (2026-2027).

The ESVS President plays a key role in running and organising the society, in addition to the advancement and development of the ESVS and vascular surgery as a whole. They also have a legal responsibility as a Charity Trustee and represent ESVS externally.

The main responsibilities of the ESVS President are to:

  • Lead the AGM, Council and ExCo meetings in coordination with the Secretary General, including preparation of the agenda, review of content and minutes and chairing the meetings
  • Lead the strategic direction of the ESVS
  • Represent ESVS externally
  • Lead the Annual Meeting during their term, in coordination with the Annual Meeting Programme Committee Chair (see below)

We expect the successful candidate to be engaged with the Society activities from the beginning of their term as Deputy President Elect; and to begin representing ESVS in relevant forums.  During the year as President Elect, the successful candidate will be invited to shadow the President. During the year as President, the successful candidate will formally sit on the following committees:

  • Executive Committee,
  • Industry Relations and Business Development Committee,
  • Annual Meeting Programme Committee and Budget team,

Being part of these committees requires attending regular online meetings (approximately 1 per month per committee) plus onsite meetings when required.  In addition, the ESVS President can be asked to represent the Society at related meetings (Charing Cross, Veith, SVS Annual Meeting, other National Society meetings).

If you are a European, honorary or fellow ESVS member and believe you fit the profile and could be a driving force in the future of ESVS then we welcome your application. 

Applications can be made directly via the form below before 23:59 CET on 1st June 2024.

Applicants will be asked to provide:

  • CV
  • Cover letter
  • A letter of good standing from their National Society
  • A Declaration of Interests

Applications will be reviewed by the Executive Committee, and selected candidates will be invited to interview on Tuesday 24th September at the Council Meeting held onsite in Krakow.  The name of the successful candidate will presented to the AGM for ratification on Wednesday 25th September and official duties would commence at the closure of the 2024 Annual Meeting.

Annual Meeting

The main task of the President is the Annual Meeting. They decide about the scientific topics and key aspects.

  • The President decides, in collaboration with the Programme Committee chair and Secretary General, which Joint-Sessions, common sessions with the hosting nation´s society, and which ESVS-symposia will take place. The Organisation of each of these symposia/sessions can be delegated to Programme Committee members, so that work will be equally divided and the President can keep an overall view
  • The President needs to keep an eye on the industry requirements. They need to be respected whenever possible
  • The President proposes the names for the N.Volodos and J.Powell lectures.
  • Together with SG and Treasurer and the ESVS office, the President makes budget decisions and supervises the budget during the regular budget calls set by the ESVS office. The President can be asked for help for reaching out to potential Annual Meeting sponsors where ESVS office or the PCO has difficulties.
  • The education and training program, adjunct to the meeting, is organised by the ESVS Academy chair in connection with the Secretary General and ExCo

Applications for this position are now closed.


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