Call for ESVST Councillors 2024

The ESVS is announcing this call for candidates for EVST councillors 2024 for the countries Finland, Ireland, Lithuania, Serbia, Slovakia and South Africa.

Election for EVST Councillor:  is open to Trainees members only.

The job description of an EVST councillor includes the following responsibilities:

The aim of the EVST is to promote knowledge and skills for trainees in vascular surgery. The EVST activities and projects may focus primarily on European trainees and European countries, however the reach of the EVST includes trainees from countries outside of Europe. The EVST aims to improve the networking between vascular surgery trainees, to allow opportunities for them to connect with one another, enabling them to share experiences in different educational strategies, and to develop educational activities in collaboration with the ESVS and its Academy.  

The means to reach these aims in order to improve European training in vascular surgery are to organise workshops and sessions in meetings (in particular the ESVS Annual Meeting) adapted to the interests of trainees in vascular surgery, to use social media and to represent the trainee opinion within but also outside of the ESVS. The Council is the decision-making body of the EVST. 

The job description of an EVST councillor includes the following responsibilities: 

  • An EVST Councillor must be a member of their National Society. 
  • Actively promote the Society and work towards increasing the EVST membership in your country and through your National Society.  
  • Being an ambassador and a source of information about vascular surgery in your country and giving a regular short report to your National Society about EVST.  This includes, but is not restricted to, promoting the European Training Centres Database. 
  • Councillors may be requested to share details about vascular care in their countries, and their link to National Societies.   
  • Councillors are expected to attend 2 or 3 EVST Council meetings per year to discuss ongoing or new projects and to organise educational, scientific and social events. They cover their own costs to attend such meetings (except the Annual Meeting). Council meetings are usually held in April, June and during the Annual Meeting in September. 
  • The Annual Meeting of the ESVS is the most important meeting, during which the EVST gets the opportunity to actively participate in the meeting, including the organisation of scientific and educational sessions. Councillors receive a grant to cover some costs for the ESVS Annual Meeting.  


Those wishing to apply for the position of EVST Councillor will be invited to submit their application through the ESVS website. Candidates will be asked to provide information about their background, career stage, and motivation for applying for the role. The information submitted will be made public and shared with voters, to better inform them of the candidates’ profiles before casting their vote. Candidates must provide a letter of good standing from their National Society or National Medical Agency at the time of applying. 

Deadline to submit your application: 31.01.2024 Review of applications and selection of councillors: by 31.03.2024

The selected candidate will start his/her term in September 2024 and for a duration of 3 years.                                                                                                          

Application for 2024 EVST Councillor

Application for EVST Councillor 2024

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The ESVS is an inclusive organisation, which values and seeks out a diverse membership pool, promotes inclusion among members. We embrace all differences and foster respect and a sense of belonging. We believe that diversity enriches our perspectives, improves our performance and makes everyone feel safe and valued.

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