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ESVS Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Task Force Member

Following the ESVS Annual Meeting in Rome (September 2022), a large group of women in the organisation met and agreed that ESVS did not yet reflect a diverse and equitable representation of Vascular Surgeons in Europe.  After holding online and in-person meetings over 9 months, this group brought a proposal to the ESVS Executive Committee to implement a ‘Task Force to Improve Equality and Diversity in ESVS’, which was accepted.  You can view this proposal here.

We are therefore looking to recruit 6 ESVS members to form the EDI Task Force for an initial mandate of 3 years.

Once formed, it will be the Task Force’s responsibility to assess the current situation and produce an action plan on how to improve it.  For example, the Task Force Proposal offered the following as suggested goals:

  • To study the up-to-date state of equality and diversity in the European society based on a recent general membership census (or to facilitate/participate in analysis of a census if one has not yet been undertaken)
  • To seek external consultation (either from other medical societies, or from a consultant with special expertise in the field) to determine the best infrastructure for change, tailored to the needs of the European Vascular Surgery Community as well as to seek input from partner societies on the same.
  • To set guiding principles for the structure of the Annual Meeting, and for the structure of ESVS committees to better reflect equality and diversity.
  • To study the impact of changes that are made, by surveying the general membership, and by analysing participation in the committees/Annual Meeting to determine if further changes are necessary
  • To report on the process and provide guidance to partner vascular societies who wish to understand/undertake similar processes.
  • To provide information to members about different initiatives and to collaborate with other groups or specialties in this matter

Please complete your application via the ESVS website by 19th December 2023.  The application form will invite you to submit certain pieces of information about yourself, including country of origin, country of work and career stage, as well as answer some questions on your motivation for applying.  This information will be made public to the ESVS membership, who will be asked to select the 6 individuals they would choose to form the Task Force, which we hope will produce as wide a group as possible.

Voters will be asked to vote for 6 individuals who reflect their view of diversity and the principles of Equality and Diversity that the ESVS aspires to.  The Task Force will be comprised of 6 people with the highest number of votes who fulfil the following criteria:

  1. from 6 unique countries of practice
  2. with at least 1 representative in training
  3. with at least 1 representative in early practice (year 1 – 5 of practice)
  4. with at least 1 representative in later practice
  5. with at least 1 man
  6. with at least 1 woman

We aim to hold the first online Task Force meeting in February 2024, during which the group will select its Chair.  The EDI Task Force Chair will be invited to join an onsite meeting with the ESVS Executive Committee on Tuesday 23rd April 2024 in London, and will also be asked to join other online (and possible face to face meetings), including those of the ESVS Programme Committee.


Applications have now closed.

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