Call for ESVS and EVST Councillors

The ESVS is announcing  this call for candidates for ESVS and EVST Councillors. 

Open Countries for ESVS Councillor:

Czech Republic 

Open Countries for ESVT Councillor:


Detailed Responsibilities of the Councillors:

• Actively promote the Society and work towards increasing the ESVS membership in your
country and through your National Society.
• Being an ambassador and a source of information about vascular surgery in your country and
give a regular short report to your National Society about ESVS.
• Councillors may be requested to share details about vascular care in their countries, and
their link to National Societies.
• The Executive Committee will send out activity reports to the Councillors in advance of the
Council meetings. Councillors are asked to read reports ahead of the meeting as onsite
reports will be very short. The remaining time will be allocated to open discussion. These
meetings also allow for Councillors to contribute any topics of interest or share ideas.
• Councillors are asked to participate in ESVS activities, such as grant application reviews and
fast-track presentation judging

    Who can apply?

    • All full active ESVS members.
    • A Councillor must be a member of their National Society.

     How to apply?

    • All candidates are required to provide a letter of good standing / recommendation from their National Society.
    • If you would like to be part of ESVS’ future, we welcome your nominations, which can be sent by emailing your application to


    Deadline to submit your application: 31.01.2022

    Review of applications and selection of councillors: by 31.03.2022

    The selected candidate will start his/her term in September 2022 and for a duration of 3 years.

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