Academy junior moderators –
Call for applications

The Academy is always seeking candidates for the role of Academy Junior Moderators for Academy Pathways workshops and other events.

Applicant profile:

  • Previous Academy or other workshop experience is preferred but not mandatory
  • Holds an active ESVS membership


  • Before the online workshop: create (and feature on) promotional materials; prepare questions and comments on the topic you are suppose to moderate. You may be invited to a Faculty call ahead of the live event which will further explain the content and organisation of the session
  • During the online workshop: interact with convenors and participants with questions expressing the trainee point of view. (For example, in an aortic sizing workshop, you may think what are the most common difficulties you encounter when your consultant ask you to size a stent and express your doubts/concerns
  • Note that you will be guided by a team of senior faculty.


  • You will be assigned an Academy session that matches your experience and knowledge, to help you feel at ease in the role
  • You will gain experience in ESVS Academy activities.
  • Your name may be used in promotional materials.
  • You may have the possibility to also join the ESVS Academy team as a Technical Assistant during the Annual Meeting

Application process and timeline:

  • Applicant send a cover letter and CV to
  • Indicate preferred subject topics and relevant experience in these fields
  • Applications will be reviewed by the Academy and responses given shortly after.
  • A pool of candidates to be selected by the Training Team Coordinator and these profiles shared with the Pathway Leads in order to assign the most relevant individual to each session

*There is no fixed deadline in place for this role

The ESVS is an inclusive organisation, which values and seeks out a diverse membership pool, promotes inclusion among members. We embrace all differences and foster respect and a sense of belonging. We  believe that diversity enriches our perspectives, improves our performance and makes everyone feel safe and valued.

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